I have always had a lot to say and have found many ways to say it.  A lot of people comment that  ” …it’s nice to have an outlet”.  I think it’s better to have many. Drawing has been one of my faves since, opening my first box of crayons. I recall sitting on the floor, breathing in the rich aroma and colors from that little yellow box, daydreaming about everything that is colorful.

I also dabble in music, writing, poetry, photography, painting, carpentry and mechanical projects. I am a self-taught (outsider) artist. I have no formal training, I draw from within using my own unique and original style. On this site I have compiled an array of artwork to share with you, along with selected writings.

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The Little World Outside Her Window © W. H. Dietrich all rights reserved
The Little World Outside Her Window

She likes her wheel chair, “It fits just right”. She uses it all the time and it’s barely broken in. It gets her around and she’s, ” free, free, free!” Free at last, to go where ever she wants.

Mostly she goes to the window, where she can see the neighborhood kids playing out on the street and talk to Tabby through the windows glass.  She calls that tom cat,” Tabby” just as, she calls all her friends, by name.  Even the squirrels and  favored birds have their own names. She’s an all too familiar face to them. Another face in the crowd who is observing the day-to-day events, in the tree town just outside her window.


Close the door, draw the shade, turn out the light, dream a dream.

Smell the linens,close your eyes, see the night, silence the voice,  listen to lullaby songs,

Sleep deep sleep, follow it down, floating , traveling, sailing along.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily. It’s not as bad as it seems.

A nudge, a sound, a roaming hand with flower petal fingers.

Whispers call from the depths of night, kisses moan on the neck and chest,

Are you awake ?

Dream Crasher/Wm. Dietrich

Dream Crasher

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As a child I remember a man from town who would talk to the air around him and carry on conversations with no one around. Every one said he was crazy. This trend has become increasingly popular in recent times. Maybe Blew Toot wasn’t so crazy after all. Maybe he was simply ahead of his time, perhaps a trend setter.

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Necessity is the mother of invention and pain necessities whore,

free for all ambitious dreamers and futile laborers.

Pains gift is her price and her payment, punishment and motivation.

Your redemption is in your endurance, and endurance it’s own reward;

and if doubly blessed a timely invention.GFM#7 image

W. H. Dietrich

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Since heralding creations new day,

the moon has resided over the great flood

and listened to the poems of David and his lyre.

He beamed brightly over Bethlehem and wept in the garden.

He has delighted with countless lovers

and lingered long after the sun turned its face from the Twin Towers.

He has echoed the howls of a thousand  hounds.

Now as Earth holds its breath,

he is silent at the end.

The Life and Times of a Moon

The Life and Times of a Moon

W. H. Dietrich

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Suzanne 5

Remember when we were together

in a love that was forever true blue.

Red roses painted on your leathers

no one wears the blues better than you do;

It’s in the color of your eyes,

the sweet sound of your lies,

but now, I think it’s time,

we settle the score.

I don’t want you any more.

I don’t want you any more.

When you needed a place to hide

I took you inside my heart and held you.

You loved me then, you loved me right,

I loved you so, it took all night to tell you.

But now you say that man,

is more than just a friend.

This must be the end

I know for sure.

I don’t want you any more.

I don’t want you any more.


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